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Gun Mayhem

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Gun_Official_pitcureGun_Mayhem_TitleGun Mayhem is very interesting shooting game which can be with multiple friends or as a single player with an artificial intelligent player. The game was developed by Kevin Gu who is a 4th year student at Waterloo university and working towards BCS. Kevin Gu has interests in technology especially in application.The players use different weapons available in the game’s platform to fight against each other. Choosing the number of players is the first step of the game. Each player’s characteristics can be customized by just a click on the edit player link that is found below the character. The attributes to be chosen for the characters include face, mouth, eyes, caps and a few others. The attributes can be shared among friends or imported. The game can be played in either custom mode or campaign mode.



The game’s controls are very simple. It uses the keyboard keys as follows: the left arrow button is used to move to the left, Right arrow button to move to the right, up arrow button to jump over obstacles or jump up, down arrow button is used to shield you from attacks. The controls can be edited by the player to suit the preferences. The game can also be paused using the space bar.


The gun mayhem game has three zones 1, 2, and 3. Every zone has different game environment for example, Zone 1 has Town Tussle where you fight against local bullies, Tribal trouble where you help the umbungo tribe as you fight off monkeys, grave situation where you fight against zombies at the graveyard. Zone 2 has castle hassle where you fight the enemies as you also defend your castle, spaced out fight you fight against invading aliens, shore booty where you get treasure as you fight against pirates while zone 3 has lava palaver, snow brawl, scaffold scuffle. Other will be unlocked as you advance with the game.

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